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So Jisub being wild & sexy in Vogue Nippon

Vogue Nippon recently did a photo shoot and an interview with So Jisub for their "New Asian Icon" feature.

Click here for the 'sexy & wild' pics of the Vogue spreadCollapse )

In the interview So Jisub talked about everything from what he finds sexy and attractive, his apparently non-existent love life, his approach towards acting and his Hollywood ambitions (or lack thereof). The interview really has a lot more substance to it than the title might suggest and is a recommended, if a bit long (sorry tl;dr crowd ^^;) read for So Jisub fans!

Translation pt 1: The sexy & wild side of So Jisub + what he finds attractive + details about his love lifeCollapse )

Translation pt 2: His attitude towards acting + his actor friends + his music careerCollapse )

Translation pt 3: His career as a model and actor + his future ambitionsCollapse )

Scans & translation: Yuuya@coinlockerbaby.org

I translated this interview a few weeks ago and kind of forgot about it but I thought shanny_w's birthday was a good opportunity to finally post it ^^;
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