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Follow up: Police uncover illegal molka chatroom exploiting underage girls (TW)

Follow up to this post

Sex offender Cho makes first public appearance since arrest + addresses reporters

Sex offender Cho (25) has made his first public appearance following his identity reveal by police.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency forwarded Cho to prosecution at 8:00am on the 25th after being detained at Jongno Police Station. Cho made an appearance in front of the police station wearing a neck brace and band-aid on his head.

He then addressed reporters stating, "I apologize to the (JTBC) president Son Seok-hee, Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun and all the people who I have hurt including Kim Woong. Thank you for stopping the devil's life that I couldn't."

When asked by reporters whether "he admits to the charges", "if he has anything to say to the victims", or "if he feels guilty for his crimes against young victims," he didn't answer.

According to police reports, Cho, graduated college in 2018 and majored in Information and Communications but was good at writing and won first place in his school's book report contest. He was also the editor of the school newspaper, writing editorials. He also won multiple scholarships for having good grades, but according to colleagues had "trouble with professors... he was just trouble in general." However, a past colleague stated that many would have never imagined him to end up in this manner. It seems like he started the '"N bang" chatroom in 2018.

Sex offender Cho accused of conspiracy to commit murder at a daycare for 4 million won

Dr. Cho Joo Bin (25) is confirmed to be under investigation for other criminal charges besides the brutal sex crimes regarding his chatroom "N bang" on Telegram. Police revealed Cho's face on the 24th and revealed other personal information regarding his case.

According to the SBS report on the 24th, Kang, a public service worker at the district office who also worked as a member of the "Paksa-bang" group was arrested on charges of secretly stealing the victim' personal information for Dr. Cho's sex crimes. Kang, who had made repeated threats against women in their 30s served one year and 2 months in prison and was released in March last year.

After his release, he asked Cho to take revenge against a woman who had reported him. Cho visited the daycare center where the woman took her daughter after obtaining her address through Kang. Kang paid Cho 4 million won to kill the woman and child and left the money behind a fire hydrant at Cho's house where he lived with his family. Fortunately, he didn't get around to committing the crime but police confirmed they've charged him with conspiracy to commit murder.

Police are also investigating Cho for fraud after he allegedly approached a private broadcast reporter in December last year and extorted 15 million won from politicians after blackmailing them with threats of releasing information contained in a USB device.

BEG's Ga-in unnerved after sex offender Cho revealed to be following her IG account

Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in has revealed that sex offender Dr. Cho was reportedly following her IG.

Ga-in took a screenshot of her blocking his account in IG on the 24th and wrote, "Ok. I blocked it. Oh my God ***** *****!!! ^^"

Her friends reacted to her post writing, "You're cool", "Good job" and "Thank God".

Ga-in is among several other celebrities including announcer Shin A-young, Momoland's Yeonwoo, Kim Ha Young, Lee Da-in, Seo Young, Shin Ye-ji and Kim Yewon who have blocked Cho.

sources: dailynaver 1, 2, 3, Kookmin Ilbo, sbs.co.kr, TV Report

not gonna post a picture of this actual trash to keep omona a clean place
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