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Singer Psy remains quiet on connection to Shincheonji

Singer Psy said Tuesday he had nothing to say about the allegation that his father-in-law had connections with the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, a religious sect blamed for the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in Korea.

The singer, famous for the international hit "Gangnam Style" married his current wife in 2016.

According to local newspapers and magazines, her father Yoo Jae-yeoul was the founder of a religious sect in 1966. Yoo was only 18 years old when he started it and called himself one of eight "angels" that received divine revelations.

The sect grew rapidly over the years, drawing followers including Lee Man-hee, the founder of the current Shincheonji Church of Jesus, who was then 36 years old.

Yoo predicted the end of the world would come on Nov. 1, 1969 and Jesus would return right after. He also said the chosen 144,000 people would be saved, encouraging followers to move near to the sect's main sanctuary located on Mount Cheonggye near Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province.

According to news reports, his message drew almost 5,000 followers to the remote mountain area.

After seeing that nothing had happened, Lee left the sect, along with many others and sued Yoo for fraud. Yoo was found guilty in 1975 and served time in prison before leaving Korea for the United States in 1980. He stayed there for five years. In 1984, Lee founded the Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

People with knowledge about religious sects in Korea said the teachings of Shincheonji have roots in Yoo's sect. For example, Shincheonji also teaches that 144,000 will be chosen to be saved at the end of the world ― which will happen at an undetermined time ― and that the chosen people will become immortal on earth and will be enthroned.

Shincheonji became known to the world with the new coronavirus outbreak in Korea. Besides their open worship services, Shincheonji has many secret worship and meeting locations which experts believe contributed to the fast spread of the virus and hindered the government's quarantine efforts.

The government pressured the church to release the contact information of all followers in an attempt to manage the outbreak. Shincheonji reluctantly released the names. Founder Lee also came forward earlier this month, apologizing for Shincheonji's role in the spread of the virus.

I had no idea he had divorced his first wife, let alone got remarried.

source: The Korea Times
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