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Welcome Back Jo Kwon!

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I missed him so much <3 Welcome back, bb!! No go and give us the banger of the year, plz and thank you!
Same! And I'm so happy he'll be going to variety shows again.

I was talking to my niece earlier (also a kpop fan) and she didn't know who Jo Kwon is. I showed her clips of some of Jo Kwon's solo stages, Golden Tambourine, and Animal. She's been watching old videos of Jo Kwon for an hour now and she's so happy.
Thank you for educating the new generation of Kpop fans <3 I'm glad your niece fell in love with him too!
Now that you mentioned it...I've been actually over sharing to some some of my old friends who recently became kpop fans. But it's for good reasons. I had to make sure they know the good, bad, ugly in kpop and make sure they don't become bad fans.


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I love how he's immediately like, "where my heels".
feel special? taste!
i'm so glad he's back! look forward to his gg dances again, i'm so excited
Yesssss! I love the effort he puts in doing gg dances. As he said in his interview, he's a bit sad that no hoobae took over his gg dancing spot when he was in the military. I saw potential in Hyeongjun and Dongpyo but X1 stopped promoting.
yes but at the same time, nobody an take his place, he's one of a kind and i love him for that
i'm so curious to see what's next for him. i would love to see him make a comeback - not sure what i would love more something more dance/stage focused or a ballad, both would be amazing but i'm also looking forward to just anything variety

he looks really well btw doesn't he? i hope the army did him well and i hope he feels as good as he looks, he truly deserves it
He looks fab!

I think CUBE got some things lined up for him. He already did an interview the day he was discharged plus the vlive for his fans aside from filming for Knowing Brothers. But of course it would be nice if he releases an album.
aaah welcome back!!! he looks healthy, i'll definitely watch the knowing bros ep :3
They filmed the episode today and its scheduled to air on April 4. I'm very excited to see his return to variety.
Wow, I *really* needed that burst of joy, bless him 💖
The best sunshine!
so hyped to have him finally back! there really is no one else like him to bring it these days! yaaaaaaasssssssss!