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Police uncover secret chatrooms with "Deep Fake" molka of female idols and celebrities

Police have uncovered "Deep Fake" molka chatrooms of Korean female idols and celebrities on Telegram.

While investigating Cho's controversial "Nth Room" and "Baksa" rooms, police discovered secret telegram rooms exclusively for adult "Deep Fake" molka materials, where users share photos and videos of celebrities.

Police found four exclusive "Adult Deep Fake" rooms with photos and videos of female idol singers shared by 2,000 members. These rooms are managed differently than "Nth Rooms" where users joined the chatroom by invite only through cryptocurrency.

The most crowded chatroom titled "Ver. 4" contained at least 500 female idol deep fakes and was opened on the 13th. Another room "Ver. 3" has been open for about 9 months since June last year.

sources: dailynaver, News1
Tags: crime, sexual harassment / sexual assault, social media/youtube

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