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Jun So Min To Take Temporary Break From All Activities Including “Running Man” Due To Health Concern

Jun So Min’s agency has announced that she will be temporarily halting all activities due to health concerns.

On April 2, Entertainment IAM officially stated, “Jun So Min has decided to take a break due to recent signs of exhaustion. It is completely unrelated to COVID-19, and it is simply a hiatus due to fatigue.”

The agency went on to explain, “On March 30, Jun So Min went to the doctor and received treatment because she was not in good physical condition. She is currently resting at home.”
Emphasizing that Jun So Min’s health issues had nothing to do with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), the agency added, “It is nothing severe, and her physical health simply deteriorated because of accumulated fatigue.”

According to Entertainment IAM, “Running Man” does not have any shoots planned for the next two weeks, and Jun So Min plans to use that time in order to recover. The agency told Korean media outlet Newsen, “We asked the staff of SBS’s ‘Running Man’ for their understanding as [Jun So Min] takes a break for about a month or so, and they agreed.”

SBS later confirmed, “It has been decided that Jun So Min will be taking a one-month break [from the show].”

Sources: soompi, Naver: 1, 2, 3, 4

i'm not surprised, she works so hard and so extremely much. i hope she feels better soon, i'll miss her on running man
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