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Taeyang Special Interview: K-Boom Vol. 52, January 2010

Sol and His Inimitable Performance
As G-Dragon did a few months back, Sol from Big Bang, who came back solo after a break of one year and five months, recently sat down with us for an interview. G-Dragon and Sol are both fiercest rivals and best buddies who know each other better than anyone else. However they have drastically different appeals to people. While G-Dragon expresses his world through music, Sol does it through his performance.

Last year [2008] he released his first EP "Hot," containing such explosive hits as “Look Only at Me" and “Prayer,” and took a successful first step in his solo career. Released on October 15 this year, his new digital single “Where U At” immediately went to the top of the charts, boding well for his first full-length album.

Searching for You - “Where U At”
This song is a cry out to his future loved one whom he has never met. You will be able to see it in his music video. Thinking of and yearning to meet his future love whom he doesn’t know yet – maybe that is the kind of emotion only Sol, being where he is now, can express. Actually, he says that that is how he really feels. This is also the first song he composed.

When you compare the lyrics of "Look Only at Me" and the words of this song, they are quite the opposite. While "Look Only at Me" was about a man who tells his girlfriend not to even look at another guy, "Where U At" depicts the emotions of a “boy.”

Friendship with G-Dragon

G-Dragon made his first solo TV appearance on Inki Gayo and it was the same show where Sol made his comeback TV appearance. On the show that aired on October 25, the two performed not as members of Big Bang but as two individual solo artists. Sol says he hadn’t planned any promotional activities prior to the release of "Where U At". However, he agreed to make a special appearance as a way of showing his appreciation of the passionate support from the fans. In short, it was his first and last "Where U At" stage performance.

During the interview that occurred immediately following the taping of the show, Sol said, "I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Performing this song, I put my all into the performance. I made a few mistakes and overall it was satisfactory, including the stage setting.” G-Dragon, who watched Sol's performance, said, "That was really awesome. I got so nervous for him because I knew how much effort he put into this performance”
– the proof that shows how deep their friendship was. When asked if there is a sense of rivalry between them, G-Dragon said, "There isn't because the styles we pursue are different. Both of us have distinct styles and concepts. This kind of opportunity actually allows us to share pleasant and positive influence with each other."

Q: This is the first interview as Sol the solo artist and not as a member of Big Bang. How does it feel?
A: When I'm in Big Bang, there are five of us and I tend to focus on working hard together. When I do interviews as a solo artist, I try to be more sincere. It's always fun to talk about myself as an individual.

Q: In 2009, Big Bang made a major label debut in Japan. Your debut single “Gara Gara Go!” peaked at No. 3 on the Oricon singles chart and you officially won the status of the top stars in Japan. What sort of changes did that bring to you?
A: Nothing much. The biggest change I guess is that we have more opportunities to be on network TV shows after our major label debut… (Laughs)

Q: You used to be caught on camera while shopping in Harajuku. Is it no longer possible (laughs)?
A: You may be surprised to know that we can walk around freely (laughs). The only difference is that the salespeople recognize me now and they are so nice to me. I feel like I have new friends.

Q: You came back solo after one year and five months. Honestly, how do you feel about it?
A: It’s been a year and five months and my heart throbs with excitement when I think that I can focus on my own music and performance.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your new single "Wedding Dress" and "Where U At", which was released previously.

A: "Where U At" is the first song I ever composed. I worked on it with Teddy, thinking how I would perform in on stage. For "Wedding Dress", I added the melody lines to Teddy’s track. The song has a different feel than "Where U At" and the sad, emotional lyrics are appealing.

Q: With "Where U At", you made the debut as a composer. When did you start writing songs?

A: I wouldn’t really call it composing. I heard the track Teddy made for me early 2009. I really loved it and sang the melody and Teddy helped me make something good out of it.

Q: G-Dragon also came out as a solo artist earlier. Do you guys give advice to each other? Tell us, did he ever give you any advice on composing?
A: That was his solo album and we respect each other as artists and we do not give each other advice.

Q: What’s the album's concept?
A: I want it to be more cohesive than "Hot". Hip hop and R&B are the basis.

Q: What’s your favorite song from the album?
A: It’s my album and I love them all.

Q: Doesn’t it feel lonely to work solo?
A: I feel lonely wherever I am. The only difference is I talk less when I work solo.

Q: I noticed that you started wearing a pinky ring on your left hand. A pinky ring usually signifies an important wish or hope or is worn to make oneself stand out. How about yours?
A: Not particularly. I just wear it because it is from my favorite brand and it fits perfectly on my pinky (laughs).

Q: I heard you talk about how you guys attempted and failed to escape (laughs). Where would you like to go when you have another chance?
A: Okinawa!! But then I’m going to have to think of another place once this interview has been released (laughs).

Q: A word for your fans and K-Boom readers?
A: The weather got cold all of a sudden. Be careful not to catch a cold. I hope my music keeps you warm even when it’s cold outside. Thank you all!!

The short Q&A was translated/posted last November. Click here to read it.

[(c)K-BOOM, Japan]
[Translated by pgeorgie]

Source: Basking in the Sun

Video source: Kpopcorner
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