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(g)i-dle - 'Oh My God' Full Showcase (Eng Sub)

some interview tidbits:
- yuqi is now also studying composing
- the album title 'i trust' refers to trusting in yourself and having confidence; 'oh my god' explores this through trusting yourself in love no matter your reality or situation
- soyeon is the one who did the tongue clicking sounds in 'luv u', the shot of someone falling in the m/v was done by yuqi
- the english version of 'oh my god' was produced with their (now cancelled) european and american tours in mind
- minnie had to shower 3 times during the 'oh my god' video shoot due to red liquid shoot and her changing makeup, and soyeon was cleaning mud out of her ears for a week after her mud scene. it was the coldest day of the year so soyeon and soojin, who shot in water and with giant fans, had a hard time
- when asked where she got her inspiration for 'oh my god' from, soyeon answered 'the anime, konosuba'
- they have two versions of the performance planned, 'black ver' and 'white ver', so look out for that on music shows

source: TongTongTv
Tags: (g)i-dle, comebacks, interview
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