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Supernova's Yoon Hak caught visiting a room salon + reportedly spread coronavirus to salon worker

An idol member and leader of a group has been caught visiting a room salon.

In the exclusive report by News1, a woman 'A' who works at an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam has been confirmed to have caught the Coronavirus after meeting up with an idol group member. 'A' reportedly began exhibiting Corona symptoms on March 29th and was confirmed positive on April 2nd. When asked, she stated that she had met up with Yoon Hak, leader of idol group Supernova.

Yoon Hak began exhibiting symptoms 3 days after returning from Japan and was confirmed with the Coronavirus on April 1st. After he was confirmed positive, his whereabouts were exposed and through his cell phone activity it was revealed that he had met up with a prostitute at a room salon.

His agency denied the reports stating that "it's true that he met with her for a moment but he never entered the room salon. He knows her so he met with her for just a moment after work. He never received any services from her."

sources: dailynaver, news1
Tags: health, supernova
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