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4x First Time Ever In 35 Years, [JJ magazine] Caused By TVXQ~

First Time Ever #1

First time ever, they became a cover of woman’s magazine in JJ's 35 years of history.

First Time Ever #2

First time ever in JJ’s 35 years of history, all TVXQ March 2010 issues are sold out in one single day,
on the first issue day! (Not only it was sold out, but also it was all sold out on the first issue day!)

First Time Ever #3

Then the first time ever in JJ’s 35 years of history, they reprint their monthly magazine,
all because of our TVXQ! Go TVXQ!! Yeah!!

First Time Ever #4

Actually one more here, for the first time ever in their 35 years of history,
JJ editors in chief had to write a formal apology that it was all sold out in one single day!!

Summarized Translation:
*MSN Entertainment News reported that JJ’s editor in chief had placed apology letter on JJ’s home page.
Additional printing will be available at around January 29th.

*Here is the formal apology letter of JJ magazine’s editor in chief.


Concerning about JJ March issue;
We are truly sorry that it was all sold out on the day of the publishing,
at the book stores and convenient stores nationwide.

We are very sorry.
We would like to express our deep apology to you all.

We wish to deliver them to, as many people as possible,
therefore, currently, we are reprinting more of them.
We plan to deliver them to the book stores and the convenient stores starting from January 29th.

Once again, we apologies to those of you who could not purchase them on the magazine issue day.
We sincerely ask you to wait for a little while more.

JJ Editor in chief: Shinohara, Tuneki

(T/N: Although they are apologizing, they must be very happy that first time in JJ’s history of 35 years
that they had to place such apology letter by selling out entire printings caused by TVXQ!)

Please find TVXQ cover on their home page.

And the article writes that even the JJ publishers are in shock. ^^

Source: 1, 2, 3,
Translated by:

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