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Close Friend of Han So Hee Steps up to Defend the Actress from her past pics of smoking and tattoos

-The rookie actress gaining lots of attention right now in the hit JTBC 'World of the Married' as the mistress to the male lead's character.

-Her friend came out and said what most sane people would think:

"Tattoos and smoking, it’s only an issue when women do it. Honestly, it’s just sexist and discrimination to think that [smoking and tattoos] can be okay for male actors, but there is an issue when a female actress does it."

-"Nowadays, there are many people with tattoos, so the people who like tattoos are supporters. But wouldn’t people who dislike tattoos also show their displeasure? I can’t say that mindset is right or wrong because everyone has different ideas."

-Remember when Ji Chang Wook's smoking pics caused a huge stir a few months ago too?

Source: KStarLive
Tags: actor/actress
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