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"Nth room" update: Female idols private information leaked + Verbal Jint under controversy (TW)

Four girl group members' private information leaked in Cho's "Nth Room"

Personal information of famous celebrities was reportedly leaked in Cho's "Nth Room."

According to a report by MBC's 'News Desk' on the 14th, service records of SNS personnel inspected by police confirmed that personal information of famous girl group members, actors, and announcers were shared in the chatroom.

A social worker "Choi Moo", a personnel member of the chatroom who worked in the Song-pa gu Civil Affairs Administration team reportedly leaked the private information of four girl group members to Cho Joo Bin in March last year. Choi accessed government records using their system normally used for issuing resident registrations, etc.

Choi has been arrested on charges of inquiring about 200 victims personal information and providing 17 of them to Cho Joo Bin.

Choi also reportedly leaked information of girl group members A & B's father as well personal information of an actor C who's personal information was intensively searched at least 3 times.

TRIGGER WARNING Verbal Jint under controversy for celebrating "Nth Room" participant suicide

Verbal Jint is under controversy for his post regarding an "Nth Room" participant.

On the 13th, he posted a screenshot of a news article about a man in his 20s 'A' who confessed to being a participant in the "Nth Room" and committed suicide afterwards. A (28) visited the Yeosu Police Station on the 10th and confessed he had photos from the controversial chatroom. Police found at least 340 photos that included child pornography on his cell phone and later that night, at around 8pm, he was found dead at his officetel.

Verbal Jint wrote, "This makes me so happy. If more of them die I'll write a commemorative song. Let's reveal all their faces." He also shared a photo of the Han River captioned, "Let's go. This is the Han River."

Netizens shared mixed reactions online with some wondering if he went too far with his post. Some brought up his past controversy about a song he released in 2009 with lyrics of underage sexual assault.

Verbal Jint has also been in controversy in the past for drunk driving in Mapo-gu in 2016.

sources: dailynaver 1, 2, Star News, Sports Donga, SPOTV News
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