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On set with Shin Se Kyung and BEAST’s Doojoon for Buckaroo Jeans

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KBS Weekly Entertainment caught up with BEAST’s Doojoon and Shin Se Kyung on the set of a photo shoot that the two were doing together. The High Kick Through The Roof star and the beastly leader revealed some personal information about themselves, including their high school memories and favorite meals.

During the interview, both were asked what they used to do when they were students. Shin Se Kyung revealed that she used to write stories and live in her own little world while Doojoon confessed, “When I was a student, I used to exercise a lot and up until middle school I used to play soccer. In high school, I wanted to be an athletics teacher but I ended up pursuing music.”

Right afterwards, Shin Se Kyung was asked her ideal type of guy. She revealed that she really liked athletic men, especially those who played soccer, plastering a wide grin on Doojoon’s face. As both talents are still young, they were asked about their future aspirations. Doojoon revealed, “I suppose my dream is like most Korean artists; to try and reach the top.” Shin Se Kyung said, “No matter what kind of production I’m in I hope that people can see that I’m doing my best and that’s what I want to do, continue doing my best.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

source: akp and b2stalert02 @youtube
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