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Large-scale demonstrations planned by Hottests ‘canceled’

The large-scale demonstration that 2PM fans have planned to do did not happen eventually.

2PM fanclub Hottest released an announcement on 30th January, “Coming 31st January at 2PM we will be holding a demonstration to request JYP Entertainment for JaeBum to not be withdrawn from 2PM.” And there were plans that the demonstration will take place in Seoul, CheonAhn, DaeGoo etc.

And for the one in Seoul, the fans planned to distribute flyers to passers-by to sign the petition to stop the withdrawal of JaeBum from 2PM in front of Seoul JongRoGoo 2 BoShinKak.

Ahead of the demonstration, a boycott fancafe ‘HwalBo(闊步)’ also posted up posters with the messages “Only 7″ etc at JYPE building on 30th January. The fans said, “We want to tell JYP Entertainment who has yet to give us their official stand about all the news reports and rumours to Park JaeBum that ‘Fans will be waiting for the confirmed stand from the company, and we will always support and wait for 7-member 2PM’.”

Meanwhile, the 2PM fans are up with collective actions regarding JYP’s inaction in revealing any clear stand on rumours of JaeBum’s solo comeback or permanent withdrawal as well as SunMi leaving WonderGirls.

Source: Newsen
Via: sookyeong
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