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REDSQUARE (About Ent trainees) tease vocal line

So, this upcoming group has garnered an amount of attention from certain kpop spheres because it appears to (so far) have 2 ex-good day members in its lineup - 'A' appears to be Nayoon and 'G' appears to be Genie/Kim Jiwon. [the good day ex-members mystery]The Good Day fan community has kept up with the ex-members and knows that all 5 have stayed in touch and that several have been living/training together for some time - Nayoon and Jiwon are roommates. Nayoon recently deactivated her insta and Jiwon made hers private. The aboutent official account is followed by Good Day's old manager, choreographer, and producer. The group appears to have teased a total number of 5 (possibly 6) members so the fan community is interested to see if any more ex-members will pop up (particularly Cherry/Kim Chaeyoung who would be in a dance line)

CI Entertainment bought a 100% stake in C9 in Nov 2018, the Good Day members were active on social media up until roughly mid-2018, and it's perhaps between then and the takeover that the 5 girls and the staff left - Yeah/Haeun of cignature was believed to have left too as she didn't appear again on social media until cignature's debut teasers. Whatever happened, it feels weird to have found ourselves in the middle of what seems to be a new-era Bestie/EXID situation, haha.

source: aboutent
Tags: ex-group members, pre-debut, teaser

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