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Se7en signs with new agency, announces plans to return to promotions in Korea

Se7en has signed an exclusive contract with Dmost Entertainment.

April 17, Dmost Entertainment said, “We’ve signed an exclusive contract with singer Se7en. With Se7en joining us, we are looking forward to expanding our music business. We will be doing our best to aid Se7en in his activities as a singer as well as through various other channels.”

Se7en commented, “I’m happy be making a new start at Dmost Entertainment. I’ve mostly been promoting overseas, but I’m planning to promote actively in Korea again, so please send me lots of support.”

source: soompi via naver

Se7en has intermittently released stuff in Korea but ICYMI (since this happened back in 2013), Se7en kind of tanked his public goodwill by 1) getting caught going to a 'massage parlour' and using receipts from previous visits at different establishments to try and prove it wasn't for sexual services 2) doing this while in the army 3) doing this while in a long-term relationship that ended as a result of this and 4) not serving his full army punishment and being viewed as receiving special treatment. it was kind of a whole big storm and yg entertainment didn't renew his contract post-service which added fuel to the fire
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