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100120 + 100127 Radio Star subbed

Featuring Hongki (FT Island), Yonghwa (C.N. Blue), Jokwon (2AM), and Changmin (2AM).








100120 credited to 2odsubs1
100127 credited to ledoquyen90

Highlights for part one include: Changmin's fail beatboxing/rapping, cuts from Hongki's past as a child actor, Jokwon's "madame" gag, Yonghwa's fail as an MC, and KIM HEECHUL. :D Kind of.

Highlights for part two include: Hongki's two "exceptional" talents, Yonghwa winning for best performance of the day, and mention of Dirty Eyed Girls parody as porn in the Netherlands.
Tags: 2am, c.n blue, f.t island, jo kwon, lee hongki, tv shows
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