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Seventeen is keeping busy with magazine shoots and interviews (Cosmopolitan, Billboard, High Cut...)


Q: At first it was a combination made by the company, but right now you think it's fate.
MINGYU: I just think we are a family. We're in for it now. We have to live together for the rest of our lives. (©kidmingyu)


Q: Not long ago, your 2nd Japanese single got No.1 on the charts. By now, you can be a bit 무덤덤할 (calm*) when you get No.1. (t/n: 무덤덤할 - I can’t think of a direct translation here but it’s kinda describing when someone shows little to no reaction when they're expected to) (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: Not at all, instead, we feel more thankful to our fans and we made up our mind to work even harder in the future. (©rozerenity)
MINGYU: We probably could do that if we achieved it alone, but this (getting on top 1) was made by our fans, there’s no way we can stay indifferent/calm. Although we also worked hard, I don’t think we'll ever do this work thinking indifferently/calmly because we are grateful to the people who made this result. (©kidmingyu)

Q: Soon, Seventeen will be celebrating your 5th anniversary. If you could go back to your debut, is there anything you'd like to say to yourself or your members? (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: I want to tell the members, including me, to not be too scared. Because we were scared when trying new music or going on variety shows, but as we get more experience, everything becomes more natural and we started doing even better. (©rozerenity+©cornyunicorn)
DK: I want to tell myself, "I hope you'll do things a little (more) comfortably". I want to tell myself that although there would be struggles in that whole process, don't think of it as 'unmanageable', it'd be better to do it comfortably and enjoyably. (©seokedmin)
MINGYU: I don’t want to say anything to myself. There were some difficulties and happy moments, but I think those are all helpful experiences. So I’m sure it’ll be just as good as it is now even if I don’t say anything to myself from back then. Rather than saying “do something/do it like this”-- (I'd let myself) have a hard time when it’s difficult, feel happy when it’s happy, I think the results will remain unchanged to how it is now. (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: It wasn't so hard and painful (to the point) that I would want to go back (and say something). I still think about those days from time to time, and when I reminisce, I think it was cute and passionate. (©Jwwoo_+©cornyunicorn)

Q: But were you sure that Seventeen would do well since that time? (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: We lived with the words “It has to be okay, it will turn out okay.” (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: It was like our own spell. (©kidmingyu)

Q: Among the members, who gives the most realistic advice? (©Cottonmochi3)
SEUNGKWAN: S.Coups hyung. Aside from being a leader, he is one to think realistically. He is the type to think a lot. I remember after debut, he woke me up early in the morning because he was happy that our song Pretty U was 3rd on the chart. (©Cottonmochi3)

Q: Compared to before debuting, who has changed a lot in a good way compared to before debut? (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: I think everyone became more mature. If in the past we used to be childish, now a sense of responsibility has been added to our free-spirited personality. Our thoughts have become more level-headed. (©406_GYU&soonberries+©cornyunicorn)
MINGYU: I think I’m the one who changed a lot. You might not see it and think nothing has changed if you just think of the ‘me’ from a week ago. But when you think about 5 years ago., I was such a nonsensical little kid. I think I’ve changed a lot while seeing and feeling a lot of things. (©kidmingyu)

Q: As you weren’t able to do the world tour, you must have a lot of time for yourselves lately. (©kidmingyu)
DK: I'm learning to play instruments. Although I've gotten more time for myself, I stick with the members most of the time. Especially Jeonghan hyung, I play with him often. (©seokedmin)
MINGYU: I usually travel when there’s time, but that became difficult (at the moment), so I’m either on dance practice, learning a foreign language, drawing/painting and I’m also studying film. I continuously challenge new things. I feel like I’m falling behind if I just rest and stay still. All 13 members are like that, and it’s very amazing. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: I'm currently learning videography and foreign language. (©rozerenity)
SEUNGKWAN: In this situation, rather than becoming lethargic, I'm choosing the way i can be as refreshed as possible. I'm trying to change my mood by either going driving or doing something like that. (©cornyunicorn)

Q: Seungkwan has a “boo-seung-gwan-li” (boo-self-management) we heard that he is as strict as his nickname? (©rozerenity)
DK: Originally he wasn't like that but since 'Boom Boom' he started to lose weight and succeeded on it while hearing the words that he gotten prettier so he keeps doing that routinely. (©seungkwaned)
WONWOO: He eats healthy food a lot. These days when we wanted to eat ramyeon he would stop us and go “hyung you can’t eat that”. In the past he would eat with us. (©rozerenity)
SEUNGKWAN: I've been doing pilates for over a year and a half. It's nice and refreshing because your hunched back and shoulders are straightened. The members' muscles are shortened (t/n: stiff) because of dancing, and there are a lot of painful movements to unwind and lengthen them so I'm having a hard time. (©seungkwaned+ ©cornyunicorn)

Q: It seems like you encourage (or get energy) from each other. (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: There's a synergy effect when I'm with the members. For example, if the schedule ends at 1AM it's right to go straight home and sleep, but when someone says they're going to the gym, they will go along with them. Also, the members’ schedules are posted on the groupchat, if the maknae (youngest) says he's gonna practice, I also think I should do it too so as not to fall behind. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: Each has a field they excel at or has a sense of leadership on. (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: Hoshi, THE8, Dino for dance, foreign languages for Jeonghan, DK and Jun hyung are working hard on vocals. Mingyu has a lot of interest in financial management. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: I'm also studying (it) like Mingyu, but I think I need to be more consistent. (©kidmingyu)

Q: Everyone seems to be very very competitive. (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: Once we went to play basketball with the members when we got a day off during the America tour. We divided into three teams and it started just for fun but at some point a fire (a desire to win) started burning. That time we got very physical, too. Even when we go to ISAC, honestly we all say that we don't have expectations, but if we win, we are very happy and if we lose, we feel disappointed. Hoshi hyung is not really good at ball games, but if he's in my team, I nag and he says he doesn't want to do it. Haha. (©seungkwaned+©cornyunicorn)
MINGYU: Even when shooting our own contents, there's a strange mix of tension and seriousness that make people laugh and it just creates an even funnier situation. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: There isn't even a big reward when you win. But all just really do their best. (©kidmingyu)

Q: Is there something in common between the 4 members today? (©kidmingyu)
DK: The fact that we're good people? (©seokedmin)
WONWOO: I think that's a similarity between all 13 of us. (©seokedmin)
MINGYU: What's really interesting is that the 13 members are all different but they also harmonize each other well. There's parts where Seungkwan and I would match well, while the parts that we don't match in will be the ones I match well with another member. (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: While my taste buds matches with Dokyeom hyung and Mingyu hyung, I match the best with Wonwoo hyung when it's about travelling around. (©seokedmin)

Q: At first it was a combination made by the company, but right now you think it's fate. (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: I just think we are a family. We're in for it now. We have to live together for the rest of our lives. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: It must be fate that everyone's first company is Pledis. (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: Everyone entered Pledis first and started training and debuted together. So in the beginning of our debut, it was hard to interact with other groups. Usually, (the situation is) they were trainees together in the same company until they move to another company and then when they debut, they'll know each other in the waiting rooms, but for us it's just us. Haha. (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: During that time, I became close to other idol members in the waiting rooms. But one day, when the members gathered together and had a meeting, this came up. "Seungkwan seems to be too superficial.", they said I was talking too much with the other groups. (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: At the ending when everyone goes up the stage, they said not to talk to the other groups. Naha. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: We thought unity was important back then. Haha (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: At the beginning of our debut, we had strict rules between each other. We said we can't sleep inside the car on the way (to schedules). (©kidmingyu)
DK: Because if you sleep in the car your condition will drop a lot, (we had that rule) so we can keep our energy up. (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: Especially when we were doing 'Adore U', we were like "Let's not sleep in the car and warm up your voice, raise your energy then do a dry rehearsal" so our condition/tension won't drop. (©kidmingyu)
DK: That rule wasn't made by the company, but it was decided amongst ourselves. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: So I really couldn't sleep at the beginning of our debut. If someone sleeps in the car, hit him and wake him up. Haha. (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: But Woozi hyung really didn't sleep. It would've been fine if everyone slept, but because Woozi hyung really didn't sleep, if someone dozed off, he would wake them up. Haha. No, how can you be awake at 5 in the morning! (©seungkwaned+ ©cornyunicorn)

Q: Is there a rule that you've kept 'till now? (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: There's one. Let's be happy. (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: Because of those strict rules we quarreled a lot and talked a lot too. Because we couldn't sleep much, everyone was tired, had a hard time and was stressed out, so as we released more albums, we decided to get some sleep whenever we can. That way we all can sleep well. (©Cottonmochi3)

Q: It's been 10-12 years since you've been together. (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: I'm 24 now, and I've lived with the members since I was 14. They are people who have seen me as much as my parents have so it just feels like they're real hyungs, real dongsaengs, and friends. (©kidmingyu)
DK: We spent our school days together too. I don't have much memories in school as I couldn't spend much time with my friends. But as I have lots of such memories with the members, I feel we're more like a family. (©seokedmin)

Q: Your individual goals and SEVENTEEN's goals could be different, but there aren't many unit activities nor individual activities. (©kidmingyu)
DK: I think the team's goal is the (utmost) priority and what we're most eager for. (©seokedmin)
WONWOO: Although we have lots of greed in our own fields, we think its important to do what the group has to do first. (©seokedmin)
SEUNGKWAN: I think it's because of SEVENTEEN that I'm able to receive love. Although there're things which I do well on my own, I think there're more things which I can't do if not for SEVENTEEN. During times like these, I think I have to cherish the team more and work even harder. (©seokedmin)
MINGYU: We don't have much unit activity because we have many schedules as Seventeen, and the annual plans are centered on Seventeen. (©kidmingyu)
DK: We can work on songs as units in SEVENTEEN's album too. Also, the unit stages which we can show to our fans can be seen at concerts too. If there's something I want to do in the future, I want to show it then. (©seokedmin)

Q: Mingyu once said that he wants to build a house and live there later on. Why don't you leave it to an expert? Are you the "a glutton for punishment" type? (©kidmingyu)
DK: Exactly (all laughing) (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: Even if I don't eat, if someone's in front of me cooking ramen, I want to cook it for them. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: Because of you, we are comfortable. (©kidmingyu)
DK: When I see sides of Mingyu that I don't have, I have lots of thoughts like It would be nice if I'm also like that'. He's very sociable, he's good at getting close to people without hesitation. (©kidmingyu)

Q: DK tried out a musical through 'Xcalibur last year too. (©seokedmin)
DK: I got the greed to do more (musicals) in the future. Although I'm afraid but after the completion of the production, I felt proud and was happy with the people who were together with me throughout the process. If I could grow/improve further, I want to try and do my best at any production.
SEUNGKWAN: I wasn't worried about your skills but I was most worried about your shyness. But when I saw you doing so well on stage I teared up. I was really proud. (©seokedmin)
DK: Seungkwan and Wonwoo came to watch the show together and I sang the last number that day. I thought of Seungkwan (while singing) and got emotional, and Seungkwan told me it was the same for him too. It was so fascinating. I feel that as time goes by, we feel more affectionate towards the members. (©seokedmin)

Q: Mingyu and Wonwoo who have lots of interest in filming said they want to shoot a music video for Seungkwan, is that going well? (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: There was a plan to make a music video with Seungkwan's OST or solo song while on Europe Tour. But the tour is cancelled, so its being delayed. (©kidmingyu)

Q: Do your styles match each other? (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: Its very different. I went out to shoot/film together with hyung & when we looked at it, we filmed very differently. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: Because the feel/styles are so different I think we can complement each other that way. (©kidmingyu)

Q: Seventeen are involved in producing and choreography. Are there any areas you'd like to expand more to now? (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: I'm actually so grateful that Wonwoo and Mingyu hyung are interested in filming. I think we are getting wider/expanding more. THE8 hyung has a lot of interest in fashion, Hoshi hyung continuously tries to become better in his field. I'm sensitive to contents. I would give ideas to the company's contents team on what we could do to be able to release more fun video contents. I'm happy (to hear) that our contents these days are so funny. (©kidmingyu)
WONWOO: We and the company staff receive confirmations/approvals from each other. (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: It's not we do what we're told to do, its let's plan and have a meeting together. So one whole day is set for the meeting. Because the 13 members could talk a lot so time just stretches out like that. (©kidmingyu)

Q: Seventeen's song title is very intuitive. Personally, I think the title of "Pretty U," 'Adore U," and "Thanks" seem like a series. If you have a word you would like to use for your next song? (©rozerenity)
WONWOO: Because these days we are really great in harmonizing, so how about "harmonious"? (©rozerenity)
SEUNGKWAN: 'Going For a Long Time'? Haha. Honestly, since it's not a title I've thought about, it's hard to make one on the spot right now. If a song that suits it without being forced came out, the title will come to mind naturally, right? (©cornyunicorn)

Q: What do you think could people, including fans, expect/think from Seventeen, an idol of 6 years? (©kidmingyu)
SEUNGKWAN: Everyone will remember it differently -- 'refreshing group', 'group with good relationships', 'the group with lots of energy' -- I hope SEVENTEEN will always be able to raise expectations for that kind of performance and songs they will bring. (©kidmingyu)
MINGYU: It would be nice if SEVENTEEN will be a group that is a good memory for those who know and listen to our music. When you remember the day you went to Seventeen's concert, you'll think you were so happy. You liked Seventeen's songs so much that you gain strength from it. (©kidmingyu)


[📷 Billboard pics + interview]Billboard

(Dino, what happened to your face)

(fan-enhanced and cropped version, since there aren't HQ scans out yet.)

Snippets of the interview (You can find the whole interview on billboard):

Q: Were the members' opinions taken into consideration when preparing for each concert? Which ideas came to life?
Jeonghan: The cue sheet is determined through discussions between our staff and the members. This time, I wanted to embody the message to the fans according to the tour title, “Ode to You.” So I said I definitely wanted to sing “Don't Wanna Cry” and added it to the setlist.
Dino: Even the smallest details about the stage tend to reflect many of our ideas. After the performance team's stage was dubbed “13th Month's Dance,” I put a lot of care on my wardrobe so that more elegant dance moves would stand out. Also, to maximize the atmosphere of the song, the intro part was choreographed using a modern dance style as much as possible.

Q: Hoshi had a surprise moment in Newark, N.J. -- you danced to “Clap” with fans outside the venue. How was that?
Hoshi: I had a lot of discussions with the staff about the tour because I wanted to make it an unforgettable performance. I had never had a surprise event, so I was both anxious and excited. I had a renewed sense of determination as I watched up close the fans outside having fun waiting for the show to start.

Q: You are known as the “self-producing” idols, because the members are in charge of everything, from lyrics to songwriting and choreography. I am curious about the album preparation process.
Wonwoo: Before we prepare for an album, we discuss a lot of themes. With the theme selected by most members, we make the frame -- the structure of the album -- and start making each song. All members participate in the overall music process.
Woozi: The members and the staff have regular meetings about the album. Until right before the album is completed, we discuss so many things.

Q: How do you mediate disagreements in the group?
Jeonghan: We try to find a midpoint as we have a lot of conversations.
Jun: The moment we understood the differences between each other, it became easier to talk.

Q: Does each member make music that they want for each album? What style of music would you like to try in the future?
Woozi: Although I make songs for Seventeen’s albums, I'm not always making the music I want to make. Because Seventeen makes Seventeen's music, everyone is free to discuss and comment on the direction of our music. That's when we put on the color that best suits us. We have endless styles to show you in the future, and it will also be the most representative of Seventeen.

Q: Woozi, you've been working with songwriter and producer Bumzu for a long time. What's your process of collaborating like?
Woozi: Based on the direction decided through meetings with the other members, I also discuss with Bumzu, actively expressing my thoughts and ideas. When we go into a full-fledged process, we almost live in the studio and constantly communicate about the draft track, the top line, lyrics, arrangement, mixing, and mastering, right up to the album’s completion. We’re always together and have such a good relationship, so our collaboration couldn't be smoother.

Q: “Back It Up,” where all the hip-hop team members participated in the writing, overflows with ambition and pride. The process of writing that one must have been fun.
Wonwoo: When the theme is decided, each person writes the lyrics of their part and we gather them together to come up with a hook. This song was written habitually when the hip-hop team was together and started writing words that came out of our mouths. We have a pride of our own, which is projected in the lyrics.
Mingyu: When I listened to this song with a loudspeaker in the studio, it made me so excited, and it was fun to write the lyrics as I imagined how we would perform it on stage. It was really interesting when I first listened to the track, and I liked it because it was a new style we tried.

Q: The vocal team is also amazing -- the five of you have such nice harmony and timbre. What’s the secret to your teamwork and the style you pursue?
Joshua: Since we have been with each other for a long time and we have a lot of conversations, we know each other very well. The accumulated time together makes it easy for us to collaborate on and off the stage.
Woozi: Our unit seems to just pursue freedom. The five vocals are too unique and attractive on their own to be defined by one thing. We’re also very harmonious when we are together. It's a little awkward to say that it's the secret to our harmony, but I think it's just about having a good relationship.
DK: I think the vocal team communicates our minds, thoughts, and strengths to many people through our voices. To do this, we try to make our voices more harmonious. It also helps that we have a good relationship. [Laughs] We hope to show a wider variety of styles in the future!

Q: A lot of fans seem to love “13th Month Dance.” For the performance team, is it one of your favorite songs?
Hoshi: “13th Month Dance” is also the song most favored by the performance team. I think the team grew the most when working on it. It is colorful, natural, surprising, powerful, and sophisticated. More than anything, the 13 members’ coordination is crucial.
The8: Personally, I like “13th Month Dance” and “24/7” among the performance team’s songs.
Dino: I love “13th Month Dance,” but I also like the recent release, “24/7,” as The8 said. Although our performance styles often seem the same, each one’s expression is different. Each one exudes a unique energy.

Q: What is Seventeen’s collective goal?
Seungkwan: There was a time when we had a goal and tried to reach that goal. Today's Seventeen tries not to limit ourselves by setting a particular goal. We want to keep going until the unknown ending as Seventeen and the Carats.
Vernon: Simply: let’s stay healthy, work hard, have fun, and be happy.

[📷 High Cut pics + interview (Mingyu, Hoshi, Vernon, The8)]
High Cut

(cute moment that needs its spotlight lol)

Some excerpts:

[📷 Dazed pics (The8)]

[📷 ELLE Korea Pics + Interview (Hoshi)]

some excerpts:

[📷 1stLook Pics (Joshua)]
1st Look

Images: pledis_17 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, highcutstar 1 2 3 4, kidmingyu 1, billboardkorea 1 2 3 4 5, aienoshi (thread), LALUCE_8 1 2, ELLE_KOREA, 1stlookofficial, cat_dog_taste 1 2, @gyusnoona (gif)
Videos: cosmopolitankorea, billboard korea, DazedKorea, hoshiarchive_, Like17Subs, carrot gyuu, SEVENTEEN, HIGHCUTmagazine
Text/Translations: cosmopolitan via kidmingyu 1, seokedmin 1, rozerenity 1, Jwwoo_ 1, seungkwaned 1 2, Cottonmochi3 1 2 cornyunicorn, billboard, soonberries 2, 406_gyu 2

So many gorgeous pictures! The interviews are pretty interesting too, i love when they talk about their team and work dynamics.
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