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BEAST ends 1st minialbum promotional activities

BEAST youngest member Son DongWoon talks about his feelings with the group’s 1st minialbum promotions coming to an end.

He wrote on his minihompy diary on 1st February at midnight announcing that the group has ended their 1st minialbum promotions on 31st January.

He wrote, “We showed our faces for the first time through our first broadcast performance on 16th October. After 3 months, our promotions have come to an end today, and we thank everyone for understanding us and showing us love and support.”

“Today (31st Jan), it seems like member hyungs and I had made many mistakes because our body conditions are not good, due to our bad health management. We are sorry about it and we felt regretful about it.”

He ended with, “We will work hard to show more improved and cooler features for our next album. We will work hard so that everyone will be proud to be a BEAST fan.”

The group debuted with the song ‘Bad Girl’ and then also promoted the song ‘Mystery’ off their debut minialbum, and they were also awarded the best male rookie group of 2009.

Source: Newsen + sookyeong

Yeah, this performance wasn't the greatest. Hope they get a lot of rest now though. Especially you, Doojoon.
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