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T-ara’s Boram Talks About How It Felt Having No Lines In Some Songs

On the April 21 broadcast of MBC’s “Video Star,” T-ara’s Boram appeared as a guest alongside KARA’s Han Seung Yeon, Wonder Girls’s Yubin, MYNAME’s Insoo, and MBLAQ’s Seungho.

During the episode, the guests and hosts looked back on T-ara’s performances and found that in T-ara’s “Cry Cry,” Boram had a one-second vocal part.

Boram joked, “I was promoting as a dancer at the time.” Then, while watching T-ara’s “yayaya,” the hosts pointed out that she had no individual parts at all, although they expressed relief when they saw that in later years, Boram had an increasing number of lines.

Park Na Rae asked, “Were there really songs where you had no parts at all?” and Boram replied, “Well, when the other members are doing a great job on stage, if there’s something I can do…”

Kim Sook said, trying to coax more out of Boram, “It’s all in the past, right?” Park Na Rae added, “You were honestly a little upset, weren’t you?”

Boram said, “The members were together [before a performance], and the fact that I was putting on a mic was embarrassing. Because I wasn’t singing. I thought, ‘Why am I even putting this on?’ But other than that, it was okay.”

Sources: Soompi, naver

I miss T-ara so much~ Boram is actually a very good singer, it's a shame her agency never gave her the full support she deserved.
What do you think about idols receiving (close to) no lines?
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