camouflagecat (camouflagecat) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

new Weekly Idol w MC Eunhyuk & Kwanghee ft. GOT7

There's also a playlist of bonus clips from the episode, with individual clips of has them doing agyeo and dancing to NBTM and GGG (2020 ver.)

Other than that there's a ton clips from the episode on ALL THE KPOP's youtube, which I'm too lazy to link rn (there's a ton...). But here's one of Youngjae singing Gravity (his solo that's CD only)

Source: 1stonkpop / All The Kpop 1 + playlist / gif

GOT7 comes in @ 5:35 and it doesn't take long 'till they're a mess. prepare for things like delightfully cringey corners (as seen below), agyeo and throwbacks to GGG with the outfits and everything.

Tags: got7, weekly idol
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