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Park Seo Joon Shares Why "Itaewon Class" Was A Turning Point In His Career + How It Changed His Life

-“I wanted to take on a different kind of genre. Although [‘Itaewon Class’] was a drama that had elements of multiple genres, I thought what was most important was Park Sae Roy’s growth as a person.”

-“I wasn’t originally someone who had much interest in societal issues, but Sae Roy was different, while filming this drama, I found myself thinking more about societal issues. [As Park Sae Roy grew and evolved in the drama], I also ended up growing and evolving.”

-“Rather than leading me in a different direction, I think it led me back towards my starting point. It became an opportunity for me to look back on my somewhat brief acting career.”

Sources: Soompi I By Way Of: Naver I Pictures from Twitter: @theseoulstory I @gelatoxseojoon I @allaboutPSJ
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