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Seo Kang Joon Talks About Joining New Agency And Why The Decision Was Important To Him

-The actor revealed that he left his longtime agency Fantagio for a new start up agency he created with 3 three other people called Man of Creation (M.O.C).

-“It still feels surreal, but not much has actually changed. What makes being with a new agency meaningful for me is that for the first time, I was able to choose. Ever since I started acting, it was mostly the case where I was being chosen, but this was different. And it’s honestly exciting, to be spending an important part of my life here.”

- “These days, I haven’t really been able to go out much, but when I can, I go to a large bookstore in Seoul. Whenever I go to the bookstore, the first thing I do is to peruse the bestsellers. If there’s nothing I like there, I take my time looking around, and I’ll buy something that has a good recommendation and catches my eye. I generally read a lot of novels.”

Sources: Soompi I By Way Of: Naver Pictures from Twitter: @theseoulstory I @seokangjoon_ph
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