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GG you didn't know existed is not disbanding after all!

Follow-up to this post, via Soompi:

After announcing the termination of the members’ contracts due to the repercussions of COVID-19 (see below), Roots Entertainment has clarified the status of Girls’ Alert.
A source from Roots Entertainment stated, “Girls’ Alert is not disbanding. The group’s album production was delayed due to COVID-19. We couldn’t force the members to keep waiting, so we terminated their contracts. We made this choice in order to allow the members to promote freely.”
According to this source, Jisung, Seul Bi, and Goo Seul will be staying with Girls’ Alert and continue promotions as usual, except for album production. Saet Byeol has signed with another agency and will be making a new start.

Saet Byeol also posted on Girls’ Alert’s official fan café, writing, “Everyone is having a hard time right now due to the coronavirus. Are Weather [fandom name] doing well? Thanks to everyone who has asked after me, I am doing well! I am writing because there is something I have to carefully tell you about. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I think that telling fans first is the best thing to do. Some time ago, our agency found it hard to operate due to financial difficulties, and told us that future group promotions would probably be difficult. Regrettably, my time with Girls’ Alert ends here, but the time I spent with Girls’ Alert was a precious and happy time for me. I will greet you all with a better image so that you don’t have to worry about me or be disappointed. Thank you, I love you.”
The CEO of Roots Entertainment, Kim Tae Hyun, shared in a direct interview with Star News, “Our company had serious financial difficulties due to COVID-19. I couldn’t hold on to the members out of my own greed, so I dissolved their contracts. I let them go so that they could pursue any good opportunities should they arise.”
Kim Tae Hyun continued, “Saet Byeol was scouted by a new agency and decided to re-debut in a new girl group with them. Jisung, Seul Bi, and Goo Seul said that they wanted to stay with the agency, so they will stay with us for now. They are currently models for a certain brand. If the economic situation improves, they can promote as Girls’ Alert again.”
According to a report, Narin had already left the group and the agency as of April 10.

Source: Naver (1, 2, 3), Ggilbo via Soompi
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