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IU and SUGA to collaborate

On April 27, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment announced that the singer would be making her highly-anticipated return next month.
A representative of the agency stated, “IU will be releasing a digital single on May 6, and she will also be releasing a music video along with her music.”

EDAM Entertainment also revealed that IU collaborated with BTS’ Suga in creating her upcoming song. Pointing out that IU and Suga are the same age, the agency commented, “As musicians of the same age, the two singers were able to relate to one another and use that as a foundation for exchanging opinions. They created their own unique synergy, which is reflected in their song.”

IU has already completed filming the music video for the new song, which her agency describes as different in style from her past music. The singer also personally participated in every stage of the production process, from composing the music and lyrics to mapping out the overall concept for the single.

The first photo teaser and the song's title were revealed on April 28th through IU's official account.

The fans of both artists trended a hashtag #IUxSUGA in 40 countries, but they weren't the only ones excited about the collaboration - as the information about two widely recognized singers working together appeared on TV news.

On the same day Sports Donga reported that according to an official, IU first proposed the collaboration to Yoongi and he accepted the offer, respecting her history of producing and composing songs. Suga is not only named as a co-composer, but also features as a rapper. Further information about the genre and details about the song will be revealed according to a planned schedule.

Source: _IUofficial / Naver via soompi / SugaChartData 1, 2, 3 / modooborahae
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