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T.O.P still wants to do a concert with Big Bang in 2050 + other Big Show-related articles

T.O.P, "I still want to do Big Show in 2050"

T.O.P unveiled the music video of his new solo song, Turn It Up, during Big Bang's 3-day concert last January 29-31. He also told the audience that he still wants to do Big Show in 2050.

During the concert, Big Bang surprised the fans seated on the 2nd and 3rd level by gliding over them (via a wire) while singing. 2NE1 also performed and sang their hit songs, Fire and I Don't Care.

Daesung, who got into an accident last year after a filming of Family Outing told their fans, "During the accident, I was worried that I won't be able to sing again. But now that I'm standing here in front of all you, I feel so blessed."

60 people fainted, given first aid during the Big Show
During the last day of Big Bang's Big Show concert, almost 60 fans fainted. There was an 'emergency room' in the venue and the fans were given first aid right away. Fortunately, no big accidents happened.

Big Show proved to be relevant and meaningful
During the Big Show concert, YG set up booths where fans can donate to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. This is not the first time YG has shown its corporate social responsibility. They also run the WITH campaign which helps those in need.

A YG rep said, "Big Bang heard news about celebrities donating to the victims of the earthquake and they wanted to help too but wanted to do something big. Coincidentally, they were going to have a concert so they thought of using it as a medium to reach out to others."

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Source : bigbangupdates.blogspot.com
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