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⭐ The March/April 2020 Girl Group Battle ⭐

The Girl Group Battle is back! I had a lot of fun putting together the last round, and you Omonians seemed to enjoy it, so let's do it again. March and April weren't as packed with releases as February, so I've combined the last two months into one round. Let's catch up on the latest releases from our favorite girl groups...


APink are officially one of the longest-running girl groups that's still active today. They debuted in 2011 with a cute and pure concept, and maintained the sound that made them famous for many years. Since 2018, they've been shifting toward a more elegant and mature sound, and "Dumhdurum" continues that trend. It's a smooth, ethereal future-disco track that swept number-one wins on all the major Korean music shows and charts.

Omonians said...
myungung: I love it! [...] It’s like a cross between Eung Eung and I’m So Sick, but a pared down version?
shinychopstick: In times like these, I'm really glad to have a fun, catchy, non-experimental pop song tbh


A year-and-a-half after their previous release, April are finally back with "Lalalilala," an elegant yet powerful track with an addictive, bass-driven chorus. Musically, it's an echo of their older sister group KARA's later discography, while the music video is studded with WJSN-esque cosmic visuals and Loona-esque mythology. Although April are not the most well-known group, especially internationally, it's surprising that this release hasn't garnered more attention.

Omonians said...
shittysoup: The song doesn't really go anywhere but I like it lol.
lightframes: I think LaLaLiLaLa is perfect. Might be my favorite April single! But for now, I'll still say that's April Story.


A pre-release single from Bvndit's upcoming album, "Children" is a smooth, midtempo R&B track that calls to mind some of Red Velvet's best Velvet tracks. With its touching lyrics and animated music video, it's an innovative single that sets Bvndit apart from other groups.

Omonians said...
rightclick5ave: their vocals!! it's so chill I love it 😭😭
paige_nevaeh: What a pretty song 💖 from the lyrics I took it it’s about still needing guidance from your mum sometimes?


This song is labeled as Cignature's "Debut Lead Single B", but let's be real... it's a comeback. And what a comeback it is! Contrasting with February's "Nun Nu Nan Na," "Assa" is a funky, bass-driven dance track that musically reminds me of Super Junior, of all things. The group even dons some nice-looking suits in the MV. They still have that youthful teen-crush image, though, with a liberal dash of cuteness.

Omonians said...
yuwkon: this sounds like a beautiful mess. but the chorus... DAMN! i'm betting it's going to be iconic!
ginger_star: Who else is going to have "Assa assa assa!" in their heads all day? lol


This is a weird debut. Even Craxy's company acknowledged that it's weird in the YouTube comments. But it's certainly not forgettable! "Aria" blends house and techno music with traditional Korean influences... well, it's not so much a blend as a strange mash-up. While disjointed, this song goes strangely hard at certain moments, and the members seem truly talented (although the rap is questionable.) It's definitely worth checking out, for the flashy MV if nothing else.

Omonians said...
vintage_boom: the songs kind of a mess but their stylist did not slack on this mv wardrobe.
volume1995: instead of spending that much dough on the music video and the wardrobe and hairstyles they shouldve invested in a better producer


Like many K-pop acts, Dreamcatcher go for a slightly different sound with their overseas releases. Compared to their Korean singles, their latest Japanese title track "Endless Night" strips away the synths and goes for a pure guitar-driven hard-rock sound. The MV is much simpler and more choreo-focused as well. This song also has real J-rock cred, with TOTALFAT's Kuboty and Coldrain's Katsuma contributing the instrumentals.

Omonians said...
belintuchiha: I am legit crying, this is so nostalgic to me. It's all I ever wanted.
gathyou: Not their best, and the rap doesn't really fit [...] but I really like the heavy guitars and they sound great!


A continuation from their last single, released just over a year ago, Favorite's "Lie" is a heavily Latin-influenced synth-dance track. Although their MV budget has taken a hit, the song is on par with anything a more famous group might release. Like Laboum, they're a lesser-known group with a solid discography. Here's hoping they stick around!

Omonians said...
aures: i personally like it, it has good elements and i enjoy it but i can't see this standing out
adenar: I don't mind the trend of songs with pared back verses/choruses lately [...], I think they're a nice counterpoint to the really full on idol group songs we've been getting.


(G)I-DLE have been pushing boundaries in K-pop since their debut in 2018, for better and for worse. "Oh My God" is a song that few other girl groups could pull off, with its unconventional structure, overtly sexual (and explicitly gay!) lyrics, and elegant-yet-insane aesthetic. One scene in the music video also seems to have been plagiarized from FKA Twigs' "Cellophane". Frustratingly, this group can never seem to avoid messing up, despite their undeniable talent.

Omonians said...
lydzi: It's not instant fave but it's cool. It does have an aftertaste of Lion tho.
goldenrosalie: i was ready to type meh/meh for this but then i turned on lyrics and... OH MY GOD?


Another girl group breaking a long hiatus! Girlkind's "Future" has a look and sound that isn't seen much in K-pop these days. It reminds me of the "futuristic" pop aesthetic that was popular around 2010 or so. They're clearly working with a limited budget, but they've managed to produce something fairly unique.

Omonians said...
benihime99: it's not bad and there's a slight FEMM vibe in some shot of the MV
dior_chic: The song isn’t bad, I like the vibe it’s giving. I feel like it’s underproduced though?


GWSN are back with a slightly different spin on their usual concept. They still have that mystical, magical vibe, but this song is more disco-pop and less house/EDM than their previous releases. It's fun, if not their most memorable track... and oh man, just look at Miya with that mullet. Perfection.

Omonians said...
kyungwons: its nothing super original but it’s fun and catchy and i like it more instantly than i did with their other tracks
dallinferno: I love the song, it's so enjoyable to listen to! They definitely didn't disappoint.


Like their seniors at JYP Entertainment, Itzy have quickly become one of the monster groups of this generation. "Wannabe" dominated throughout March. It's a continuation of their established in-your-face sound and confident concept: I'm different, I'm badass, I'm proud. That shoulder-shrugging dance achieved instant iconic status, too.

Omonians said...
pikapika217: the song is cute, I like that their brand is very aggressive self confidence
kenziekinz09: It’s catchy but I’m starting to feel like all of their title songs have the same lyricist.


With "Nonstop," Oh My Girl have returned to the candy-coated aesthetic and high-pitched, youthful sound that defined them in the past. The MV is a high-budget visual treat, while the song follows the tropical house trend that's been popular in K-pop for the past few years. Member Mimi especially caught fans' attention here, with her purple hair and deep-voiced rapping.

Omonians said...
lil_poisonfrog: this was...all over the place. I'm sorry but they just don't suit this type of song.
peachypearl: This is cute mindless fun for the warmer weather so I like it!


Compared to their two previous releases, PurpleBeck's "VALENTi" is a very low-key and simple song and MV. A cute, mid-tempo, synth-driven sound is paired with a self-filmed video of the members playing around outside. Is this a sign that they're running out of money, or a deliberate choice? The group is known for lots of one-on-one interaction with fans (they follow 25.5K people on Twitter), so this down-to-earth style may be an expression of that.

Omonians said...
dior_chic: I like it! It’s not the most exciting release but it’s easy to listen to and right up my alley.
frequency: the song is pretty pleasant sounding! too bad their MV budget gets worse with every release. :(

[Choose your winner...]
So, now that you've seen the contenders...
Poll #2101253 Who is the winner of this Girl Group Battle?


Oh My Girl

Source: YouTube: 1theK (1, 2, 3) Stone Music Entertainment (1, 2), SA ITAINMENT, ponycanyon, SUPER SOUND Bugs! (1, 2), (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel), 공원소녀 GWSN OFFICIAL, jypentertainment, DanalEntertainment; GIF: Tumblr: stanthemyoucowards

Lastly, congratulations to February's GG Battle winner, Dreamcatcher with "Scream"! If anyone with PS skills wants to make them a trophy or something, feel free... lol.
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