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An overflow of GOT7: the Round-up

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(Random Speed Ver.)

Dance Practice (Part Switch Ver.)

Dance Practice (Bad Daddy Moon Ver.) (that's what google translate gave me and surely nothing's been lost in translation here)

"NOT BY THE MOON" Performance Video

OTHER MISC CUTE/FUN STUFF (Dispatch, Weekly Idol bonus, playlists):

Monograph ep.2
[dispatch x v] Album Cover Drawing Contest

Playlist by GOT7

Weekly Idol extras (reading)
[Weekly Idol Self Profiles]


NBTM has 3 music show wins! #NOTBYTHEMOON3rdwin


Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope Radio Show
KBS Cool FM Volume Up

Their Idol Radio appearance still hasn't been subbed, but here's some dance clips from it:

Their SBS Power FM Cultwo Show appearance still hasn't been subbed, but here's a performance of Just Right from it:

Radio appearances not subbed yet:
Idol Radio
SBS Power FM Cultwo Show
KBS Jung Eunji Music Plaza Radio
SBS Choi Hwajung Power Time

Sources: GOT7 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 / Piki Pictures / igot7subs 1, 2 / JustForJinyoung 1, 2 / igot7_marKP / CRUSHonBAM / Thidarat_jang / MyHome9394 / pviiii7 / gif

Since their promotions are ending now I guess this round-up is coming at a good time. I know this is a lot, it's also kind of serves as a place where I (and you guys) can come check out stuff afterwards. I was sick for a few days so I'm kinda out of the loop myself tbh. There's still lots of stuff that hasn't been subbed so I'll prob post some afterwards too, maybe.

Big shout-out to this amazing
spread sheet made by haetbitmark, it has a lot more got7 content in it that I haven't posted here, like vlives and music show things etc (as well as the stuff I've posted), basically all the content from this era, check it out, it's really well made and organized! (and I think it gets updated in real time)

@mods take this one instead bc I took the Piki thing out, me&friend thought it deserved its own post (check the tag those who're curious!)
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