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Guess Who: Weki Meki celebrate Children's Day by releasing childhood photos of themselves

which Weki Meki member was 50% baby hair?
[who is it?]It's supermodel Kim Doyeon!

which WKMK has always been an adorable fairy?
[who is it?]It's expert ending fairy, Sei!

which stropping, floor-loving member is a big mood right now?
[who is it?]It's sweet vocal Elly!

which wkmk member has been a mood-maker since she was small?
[who is it?]It's our ball of energy, Lua!

which posing member has always been a fashionista?
[who is it?]It's our giant maknae, Lucy!

which wkmk member was born with a charismatic, thousand-yard stare?
[who is it?]It's our little ball of fierce, Rina!

which bright cutie grew up to be a gorgeous vocalist?
[who is it?]It's power vocal, leader Suyeon!

which can only leave one mischievous tot...
[who is it?]It can only be variety legend Kim Yoojung!

source: WekiMeki (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) / gifs: yeommy, everqlows, dazzlingkai, loonatwice
Tags: baby, guess who, weki meki

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