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KOSTAT hit for ridiculing Rain on YouTube

Statistics Korea (KOSTAT) apologized Tuesday for making fun of Rain with a comment it wrote on the K-pop star's music video on YouTube.

The comment written Friday on the singer's "GANG" music video by the administrator of the state-run statistics agency's official YouTube channel reads: "As of May 1, 10:00, this music video got 6,859,592 views, 39.831 UBD."

"UBD" has become a popular linguistic internet meme in Korea. "UBD" are the initials of Um Bok-dong, a Korean cyclist during the Japanese colonial era who was the main character of movie "Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong" in which Rain starred in early 2019.

As the movie cost 15 billion won ($12 million) but attracted only 172,212 here, internet users have used "UBD" to generate a kind of rating. To generate a UBD number, divide the total views by 172,212.

For example, "The Admiral: Roaring Currents," which attracted a recorded 17,615,658 viewers in 2014, has been called "100 UBD" since Race to Freedom's failure.

Some internet users, however, criticized the government agency for ridiculing the entertainer.

In response, KOSTAT issued a statement on its official YouTube channel saying, "We did not have any negative intention, but we apologize for our carelessness that caused the controversy … As we hastened to try to communicate with our fellow citizens more closely, we failed to exhibit sensitivity."

The year 2020, where math is a trendy meme lol. It's weird that they're commenting on a 2 year old video.

source: The Korea Times
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