CHANG BABY (scribblyness_x) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

'The World of My 17' (adaptation of Odd Girl Out) Ep 1-4

each episode is about 15 minutes, very short and sweet, and full of eye-candy. i only started watching it for arin but i'm semi-addicted? i still don't know how i feel about the plot or lack-thereof and WHO WOULD EVER BELIEVE ARIN AS AN UGLY DUCKLING but i live for the moments yuna melts at nari being cute and for ot4 moments. kim doah of p48 and fanatics fame also stars as sunji, wow she's so pretty. kwon hyunbin of broduce and viini fame also has a role as a member of a boyband/trainee? lmao shows how much i pay attention. i also have never read the webtoon this was based off so i can't speak to if it's comparable.

Source: tvN D STORY, 2, 3, 4
Tags: oh my girl, web drama, webtoons

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