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NCT Dream Gets First Public Music Show Win+Ringer Article,MuBank Vids & Other Achievements This Era

*Winning Video

*Ridin' Performance

*Encore Win Fancam

*Ridin' Choreo Fancam

It took them almost 4 years to win a public broadcast music show, can you believe it?!

Some would say this is really long for an SM boy group, but a lot of good things take time. 'We Go Up' at our own pace :)
This came out of our precious maknae Jisung's own mouth: "Although the results are good, I think the process is more precious. Maybe the process leads to results." (Bubble post translated by @IjnO423)

This is the best we've done both digitally and physical records-wise. The 51 iTunes #1's is an amazing feat too.
Sorry I had to insert The Ringer's article here. It is quite timely, and definitely a good read.

Congratulations, NCT Dream!

Source: rollin YT, The Ringer, KBS Kpop YT 1, 2, 3, NCT Dream Charts Twitter, NCT Dream Center Twitter, NCT Dream Twitter, ljnO423 Twitter
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