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Kim Jong Kook's 2 Tasks (Interview)

[Asia Economy Yoon Tae Hee reporting]

After his military service Kim Jong Kook joined SBS ‘Family Outing’ to appeal his image to the public after a long absence.

In ‘Family Outing’ he and Lee Hyo Ri were known as the ‘Bickering Couple’ which brought fun to the audience. He showed himself as is in the show.

“Whether doing music or other activities like ‘Family Outing’, I feel like I just walked in to the entertainment world. I had a fun time filming/performing. I remember the people and the public.” (laughs)

Recently Kim Jong Kook along with Lee Hyo Ri, Park Ye Jin, Lee Chun Hee, Kim Soo Ro and others as members of ‘Family Outing’. In this program they showed their image to the public and it’s not an exaggeration to say that they had a lot of appeal for the public.

After leaving ‘Family Outing’, Lee Chun Hee and Park Ye Jin went back to their main professions as actors in drama and movies. Kim Soo Ro has also made a return as an actor as the charismatic lawyer Kang Suk Ho in the current KBS2 drama ‘God Of Study’.

However ‘opportunity costs’. The members’ image in ‘Family Outing’ is really strong and might get in the way. That’s why Kim Jong Kook and the other family members have a task starting from now.

“I think it’s still a bit early to talk about what happens after ‘FO’. I’ll be going to many programs soon so can you ask about this later?”

“Now I’d like to inform people of the singer Kim Jong Kook. Soo Ro hyung is also doing well on his own. I think all of the family members have a task/homework from now on.”
Kim Jong Kook was highly visible while doing ‘Family Outing’. Now as a singer he can only use songs to communicate to fans, he will have to try hard to reach fans.

“Whichever program I go to, there’s a role. For someone that needs it that role is very important. In the future wherever I go I will do my best.” (laughs)

Kim Jong Kook since being active in Turbo has a combined 16 years of activities. Now his task is to notify his marriage plan. Marriage talk is appropriate for someone in their mid 30s so we listened to what he had to say.

“In the past when talks about marriage come up I said I’d do it when I’m in my mid-30s. I thought that way without any burden. Now that I’m at that age and talk of marriage appears again, my mind becomes restless.”

“I sang at Jae Suk-ie hyung and Ho Dong-ie hyung’s wedding. I thought they look great as a man in that age and I started thinking that it’s okay to be (married) at that age. Now I started thinking what if I do that when I’m 37.”

Also after active in the entertainment world for a while his ideal type has changed a lot. In his 20s he preferred a wild woman style, now that he’s older he confesses that he wants a good woman who can be a ‘wise mother and a good wife’.

“Of course it’ll be a lie if I say looks doesn’t matter at all. But rather than being pretty I prefer likeable chubby type better. Now that I’m getting old I feel burdened being with a sexy woman.” (laughs)

Source: Asiae.co.kr & o-cha@soompi
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