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Taeyang documentary "白夜 | WHITE NIGHT" to start airing on YouTube

It will air beginning on May 18, TAEYANG’s birthday, for 4 weeks on every Monday and Thursday at 7 PM through TAEYANG and BIGBANG’s official YouTube channel.

Back in August 2017, TAEYANG released his third album ‘WHITE NIGHT’, which implies a ‘night without sundown’. He went on a solo world tour with the release of his album, then got married and enlisted in the army.

The documentary contains the record of a total of 215 days from the preparation of TAEYANG’s album to his enlistment. Real stories of Dong Youngbae deeply thinking about his identity and values will be presented through the documentary.

I am really surprised that they even mentioned his wedding, considering how private they are. But I'm interested, both the wedding and the couple looked damn gorgeous, and maybe we'll see his bbf crying in HD. Speaking of which, GD's documentary on now available on YouTube for free, but it's a hard watch.

source: yg-life
Tags: taeyang

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