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Chuang/Produce Camp 2020 roundup: clips, some rankings, subbed episodes

Chuang 2020 features f(x)'s Victoria and ex-EXO Luhan/Tao as judges (with Kris Wu confirmed to guest judge at a later date).
Contestants from the Korean entertainment industry are gugudan's Sally/Liu Xiening, ex-D.HOLIC Hami/Xu Xiaohan, and soloist Lana. Contestant Lin Junyi is also half Korean. You can watch the episodes subbed at the show's youtube channel (a little behind broadcast due to the way they're cutting them for youtube) or at WeTV.

the first rankings were released:[rankings for Sally/Hami/Lana]Sally/Liu Xiening placed 3rd, Hami/Xu Xiaohan placed 31st and Lana placed 27th.
[Other notable contestants:]Curley Gao (1st) is half Uyghur, Nene/Zhang Naixin (4th) is Thai, Lin Junyi (6th) is Korean/Chinese and placed 72nd on PD101 China, Su Ruiqi (13th) placed 25th on PD101 China, Wang Yiqiao (29th) placed 75th on PD101 China, Zhong Feifei (44th) is Congolese/Chinese.There are also no contestants born later than 2001 (i.e minimum age 18) which I think is pretty neat.

source: 创造营 CHUANG2020
Tags: ex-group members, gugudan, nugu, overseas activities, produce 101, survival show

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