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👑BVNDIT🌴 'Children' & 'Jungle' stages on M! Countdown (and more!)

Jungle (fancam ver.) I like this version more tbh, the whole choreo is so satisfying to watch

Children (choreographed by Seungeun & Simyeong)

Mission Impossible (pause while performing Jungle to answer questions. CHAOS!!)

Broken Karaoke (dancing to Jungle at 2x and 0.5x!)

Jungle (hanbok choreography ver.) sooooooo classy and gorgeous

also I just wanna pimp this fanart that I commissioned a very talented friend to draw! :D

sources: Mnet K-POP Jungle, Children | M2 | Stone Music Entertainment | TongTongTV | Piki Pictures | @hangboxes

🌴 album listening post + fanchant guide
🌴 press showcase + relay dance

loved the Jungle set and that they got to perform Children with choreo!
I'm happy they seem to be getting so much content this era already :')

Tags: comebacks, dance video/practice, mnet countdown

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