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TWICE Roundup! : ‘More & More’ Nayeon + Chaeyoung Concept Films, Sana’s Candle Workroom

Nayeon and Chaeyoung serve you concept films that are honestly missing the fragrance product placement at the end! Some fans are speculating if these are supposed to throw off fans like the TT Teasers back in the day. We’ll have to wait and see :) Chaeyoung sports blue hair in her clip!

Under the cut includes Chaeyoung’s concept film, Sana’s Candle Workroom, Jeongyeon selfies with newly dyed hair as well, + ‘More & More’ album covers:

💜 My bias shares her candle making hobby with her fans! She mentions that she’s likes making them for her group mates, even though she knows a few members probably doesn’t use them 😅 It’s cute seeing which scents she chooses for each member. Sana is not a Grapefruit fan but really likes florals and candy inspired scents.

..Also she wonders about the connection of cell death and microwaves. Hopefully someone hooks her up with the cancer.org’s page on Microwaves, to avoid going the Fran Drescher route 😅

💚 Jeongyeon is also feeling the colorful hair trend!


🌺 Finally the 3 versions of the album are revealed - the use of black, white, and red have fans intrigued. Plus apparently one of the flowers has symbolism for the afterlife? I’m not too knowledgeable on flowers so if someone knows please let us know if it has any importance :)

Which version will you purchasing? (If you purchase albums of course!)


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twicetagram, jeongyeonniee, parkjihyo97_

Feel free to use this post to share your favorite candles/scents!
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