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SHINHWA's Jun Jin is getting married

Dear Shinhwa Changjo [fanclub name],

I feel both happy and excited to be writing to you like this. I wanted to let Shinhwa Changjo know this news first, but I am disappointed to learn that it was revealed through an article.

However, I have picked up this pen in order to tell you directly. Since I was young, it was my dream to start a happy family of my own. That dream has now become reality. I have become certain that I can undergo any hardship with this person by my side, who has always given me strength with her positive and bright energy. I will work hard in order to live a good and healthy life without disappointing you all.

I sincerely pray that our lovely Shinhwa Changjo will also only experience happy things in their lives. To Shinhwa Changjo, who have showered me with too much love for so long, thank you very much. I will also work harder at promoting with a smile so that I can approach Shinhwa Changjo with an even better image. I will always love you.

Signed, Choongjae [Jun Jin’s real name] on May 14, 2020.

I thought he was already married lol, I remember him in a suit at a wedding. Maybe I'll thinking about Eric's.

source: theseoulstory & soompi via naver 1 2
Tags: marriage, shinhwa

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