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TXT talk with billboard ahead of their comeback about first year as artists

TXT sat with billboard to talk their new mini album -

*On how their new album differs from the previous ones:

The Dream Chapter: Star, our debut album, was about the "happiness and excitement of meeting that special someone." The Dream Chapter: Magic was about our magical adventures that we set on as a group of friends. Our newest, The Dream Chapter: Eternity carries on that story -- our group of friends hits a wall as we confront reality. We think that "Can't You See Me?" really carries the whole penetrative theme of the entire album. It's our title track [lead single] because it's about the confusion and loneliness that the boys in our story feel as they collide with reality and discover conflicts in their friendship. The song delivers both a sense of resentment towards friends and a desire to be saved by them. It's a very unique song with unique sounds that follow turbulent emotions.

*On Writing 'Maze in the Mirror' together:

The fourth track of our newest album is "Maze in the Mirror." It’s our first official release that has been co-written by all five members. We've all contributed to song and lyric writing, and Beomgyu even co-produced the track. And this song is about our own experiences as trainees. It's very honest and sincere. I've also contributed to the rap making
of "Fairy of Shampoo," which is a remake [of the song by Light & Salt]. I’d like to say that this album speaks to our musical scope and growth as a group.

Beomgyu: We also chose the title ourselves. I'm sure all the members agree but, personally, I had been under a lot of pressure to do well because I joined the company later than the other members did. What I felt then was, as I was practicing singing and dancing, I started to see somebody else from my own reflection in the mirror. It didn't seem like the "me" I used to know. I felt like I was trapped in a maze. That's how "Maze in the Mirror" came to be.

Soobin: When we were trainees, we were all anxious and worried about our debut and we put these complex emotions into a song. The song was first written by Beomgyu, and we all added our thoughts to the lyrics and melody parts and combined the best of everything. We really enjoyed working on it and we hope our fans will as well.

*On hopes for the new year and advice from BTS:

BTS told us that we need to give it our all; that we must show the audience everything we have on stage. They said that, above all, the most important thing is our attitude about music and performance.

Taehyun: On the same note, they said we need to think about why we are on this stage. We need to perform with confidence to show everyone exactly who we are.

Source - @BigHitEnt on twitter

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Album Spoiler, comeback show trailer

I was going to lump this into a later post before I realized the context was about more things/best before the comeback.
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