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TWICE ‘More & More’ Tracklist + Tzuyu MBTI Results

- 7 new tracks
- MNEK (❤️), Bibi, Julia Michaels, and Zara Larsson are key players in ‘More & More’, with MNEK producing and arranging it. Bibi wrote the lyrics along with JYP.
- Nayeon wrote lyrics for ‘Make Me Go’
- Jeongyeon wrote lyrics for ‘Sweet Summer Day’, with Chaeyoung writing the rap for the song
- LDN Noise composed and arranged ‘Shadow’ (thanks carmine_pink!)

For Tzuyu, her results is ISFP-A. So all three so far have been adventurers, but Jihyo and Mina got ‘T’ for Turbulent and Tzuyu got ‘A’ fot Assertive. Interested in seeing who will be the first not to get ISFP lol

I’ll post Jihyo’s teaser along with whoever’s video is revealed today later on if I have the chance!

Sources: Twice, @jypetwice
Tags: teaser, twice

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