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Adieu Real Time Charts (as we know it), Melon announces upcoming major changes to chart system

The most major change will be made to the realtime chart. Currently, the realtime top 100 chart updates every hour based on the amount of hourly usage for each song. With the new change, the chart will still update every hour, but the chart will instead be calculated based on the number of unique users over the past 24 hours.(12pm-12pm, 1pm-1pm, etc) The ranking numbers will also not be shown (#1 to #100 etc) and there will be no more rank changes in the charts (how many places moved up/down).

Another change will be made for those who use the “play all” feature with the top 100 chart. Previously, the “play all” feature would add the top 100 songs to the user’s playlist in the order that the songs are ranked on the chart, and a “shuffle all” option was recently added in early May. With the upcoming change, the songs will be shuffled by default when using the “play all” feature.”

Melon explained that these changes are being made to decrease focus on the competition and allow users to discover a more diverse range of trending music. The music site plans to continue seeking more ideas to improve its system.

The new chart system is expected to go into effect this summer.

source: @soompi, soompi, melon, naver, theseoulstory, OH_mes2 2

Do you think this is a good change?
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