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Football league to discuss discipline for club over sex dolls in stands

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The South Korean football league will open disciplinary proceedings against a top-division club for putting sex dolls in the stands for a recent match.

The Korea Professional Football League (K League) said late Tuesday it will soon convene a disciplinary meeting over FC Seoul's use of lifesize dolls in place of spectators for Sunday's match against Gwangju FC at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

K League matches are being played without fans due to coronavirus concerns. In an ill-advised attempt to create a match-like atmosphere, FC Seoul brought in over a dozen mannequins that turned out to be sex dolls.

During the match, fans took to social media to raise suspicions that those mannequins, some dressed in FC Seoul kits and all wearing masks, weren't what they first seemed to be. Those dolls held up signs in support of FC Seoul, but one banner showed the names of an adult toy manufacturer and of models who'd inspired those dolls.

The controversy overshadowed FC Seoul's 1-0 victory, and the club later apologized for the mishap.

FC Seoul claimed they didn't know they were getting sex dolls, made by a company whose CEO was a FC Seoul fan. The club is contemplating legal action against the company.

The K League's disciplinary committee will review if the presence of these inappropriate mannequins violated the league rules on placing prohibited advertisements or promotional materials, or if these dolls damaged the league's image and integrity.

In such cases, clubs could face a deduction of at least five points or a fine of 5 million won (US$4,080) or more.

source: The Korea Times
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