Viv(ienne) (rightclick5ave) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

👑BVNDIT🌴 'Jungle' dance practice + behind the scenes!

they hit 5M views on Jungle on their channel and we got the promised dance practice 😍

MV filming

jacket making

Do It Cam ep25

source: BVNDIT dance practice | mv filming | jacket making | do it cam

the claps after the dance break are soooo satisfying to hear both here and during the live stages! which is your favourite part of the choreo? the dance break is great but this is my fave because I'm biased also I received one of the 3 albums today and I got Simyeong's signed photocard AHHhhh the fandom gods are smiling on me again

Tags: behind the scenes / making of, dance video/practice
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