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TOP apparently dating actress Kim Gavin, YG unable to confirm

A netizen has leaked alleged couple photos of Big Bang T.O.P and 'Love Catcher 2's Kim Gavin.

On the 20th, a post titled "Big Bang TOP and Kim Gavin's passionate love" was shared on Nate's Pann. In the photos shared, TOP is seen enjoying a dinner with friends with his arms around Gavin posing for a photo.

The netizen also shared several blind items from the couple's "lovestagram". Gavin shared a photo on her Instagram in August last year where she's smiling staring at the sea and TOP posted a similar photo on his Instagram as well causing suspicion. In another photo, both TOP and Gavin are seen wearing couple pajamas having fun together.

YG Entertainment released a statement to address the rumors writing, "We cannot confirm the rumors as its the artist's private life. Please understand."

sources: dailynaver, Kookmin Ilbo
Tags: actor/actress, big bang, couple, rumour, social media/youtube, top

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