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👑BVNDIT🌴 post: TransongLation, dancing with Na Haeun, MCD #1 nominees!

@mods I added more videos, hope this is ok!!

according to the Spanish speakers on my tl Songhee's pronunciation sounds pretty accurate! would love to see her and Dreamcatcher's Yoohyeon do a TransongLation battle tbh

Jungle dance with Na Haeun

Haeun is a tiny queen! I love how they adapted the choreo to fit her in so seamlessly (behind the scenes here)

today on M! Countdown

today's Versace outfits looked so goooooood

sources: ROLLING, Awesome Haeun, Mnet K-POP

they were nominated for the first time on a music show ever!! 🥳 look how happy they were during the winner announcement :') my proud mom feelings are overflowing 🥰🥰🥰 congrats girls, you deserve it!!!

they also went semi-viral on twitter last night amongst international GOT7 fans because Yiyeon was a sweetheart to Youngjae, and it seems like they gained some NU'EST fans today too because BVNDIT's fandom name is bvnditbul (firefly) and NU'EST's lightstick is called the banditbong.. cute, I'll take whatever new fans we can get :D

Tags: dance video/practice, mnet countdown

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