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Goo Hara's mom to inherit half of estate, ex-boyfriend admits to all crimes except illegal filming

Goo Hara's birth mother to inherit half of her estate despite abandoning her as a child

Goo Hara's birth mother is expected to inherit half of her estate despite being gone for 20 years.

The "Goo Hara Act" brought forth by her brother Goo Ho In that prohibits parents from inheriting their children's property if they neglect their duties as parents has virtually failed.

The National Assembly's Legislation and Judiciary Committee held its first meeting on the 19th to review the current estate law and made the decision to "continue evaluating" but considering this is their final meeting of the 20th assembly, the bill is essentially scrapped (terminated).

As a result, the current civil law still stands meaning Goo Hara's first choice inheritors are still her biological parents. Since her father gave up his rights to the estate to her brother, this means her mother gets the remaining half even though the petition was signed by over 100,000 people.

Goo Hara's brother has vowed to try to get the bill passed again in the 21st National Assembly meeting.

Choi Jong bum admits to other crimes except illegal filming during trial, Goo Hara's brother to hold presser on 22nd

Goo Hara's brother is enraged after Choi Jong Bum partially admits to his crimes in court.

On the afternoon of the 21st, Judge Kim Jae Young of the Seoul Central District Court held the first appeals trial against her ex who's accused of five charges including the Special Act on the Punishment of Injury, Intimidation, Coercion, Property Damage and Sexual Violence crimes (illegal camera filming [molka] etc.)

On this day, the main issue was whether Goo Hara had consented to the filming as Choi Jong Bum had claimed innocence during the first trial. His lawyer stated, "Choi Jong Bum maintains his stance from the first trial."

The prosecution stated, "the sentencing for illegally filming after he claimed he's innocent is unjust."

Goo Ho In who attended as the survivor of the victim demanded punishment stating, "the court's judgment against my younger sister in the first trial was too unfair. Just like the victims of the Nth Room, this is a trauma that she couldn't just wash away. Please rethink the judgement."

Choi Jongbum denied all the charges and only admitted to the property charges. He apologized stating, "I've had a lot of thoughts and reflected for two years. I'm sorry to everyone involved," and bowed.

Enraged, Goo Ho In retorted, "How can he reflect when my younger sister was still so angry about it. I even saw him attend a party with friends during this time."

The final appeals trial will be held on July 2nd at 2:10pm.

In the meantime, Goo Hara's brother will hold a press conference on the 22nd.

sources: dailynaver 1, 2, sports world, star news
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