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Agust D - Daechwita MV Making, Photos and Achievements

BTS Suga explains the meaning behind the MV and reveals how long he had to train with a sword before filming.

SUGA scored a Global All-Killl and joined BTS as the only Korean Artists to score a Quintuple Global Crown:
#1 YouTube Chart
#1 Global Digital Artist Ranking
#1 Worldwide iTunes Singles
#1 Worldwide iTunes Album
#1 Worldwide Apple Music Album

The MV reached 23.9M views and 4.7M likes in 24 hours. It was #1 on Trending List on Youtube in 86 regions.

D-2 gained 12,547,761 streams in the first 24 hours earning the biggest debut for a Korean Soloist. The mixtape achieved 83 #1’s on iTunes and 34 #1’s on Apple Music.

You can find photos in original size under the source link.

Source: BANGTANTV / btsblog.ibighit / SugaChartData 1, 2, 3

Tags: behind the scenes / making of, bts, solo activities

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