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Happy 12th Anniversary, SHINee!

I love that they used the Life instrumental. Needed a bit more Jonghyun, tho

Debut Single: Replay

This song aged VERY well. I don't think it sounds out of place at all with today's music.

How I Found This Group: Ring Ding Dong

I was so confused. 😂 Everything was so "I am trying to be bad but I'm clearly not". I'm glad I stuck around, though!

Favorite Video: Dream Girl

I LOVE this video. The retro music mixed with the computer glitches and outrageous fashion are all very "SHINee" to me.

Favorite Concept: Sherlock (Clue + Note)

A concept that combines detectives and Jessica would always be my favorite.

Favorite Album: 1 Of 1

This album is a masterpiece from start to finish. There are no skips. A ton of Shawols grew up in the '90s with this kind of music, they knew what they were doing!

Favorite Song: Quasimodo

I love a good ballad and this is a very good ballad. The vocals are perfect and this song is perfect. I have nothing else to add.

Favorite Korean Single: Replay

I have to go with the classic. Without building on this, we wouldn't have the SHINee we have today.

Favorite Japanese Single: Your Number

This song has a great beat! They're all in suits, but they still have a "SHINee" flair to them with the patterns.

Favorite Live Performance: Juliette (Inkigayo)

"They have stadium tour performances you could have picked, why did you pick this old Inkigayo performance?" 😂 When I first started following them I went back to look at old performances, and it was SHOCKING to me they could do this difficult choreo live while singing this early in their career, and I've never forgotten it.

Favorite Choreography: Juliette

I tried to pick a favorite part and I couldn't. The whole thing is brilliant, the formations, the transitions, everything.

Happy anniversary, legends! Please discuss your favorite song, album, video, style, etc.

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