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Dreamcatcher Ranked 23rd on Spin's List of Best Songs of 2020

23. Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐), “Scream”

Equipped with a full-spectrum payload of pomo pop-rock weaponry — darkly twinkling Evanescence verses, Jim Steinman-core guitar-opera bombast with attendant postreunion Fall Out Boy whoa-ohs, wordless chorus that is both rock riff and EDM drop, at least one rap breakdown, broadsword in 4K video — Dreamcatcher take an only-way-to-be-sure approach to three-minute song. “Scream” fuses the whiplash precision of K-pop with a genre of melodramatic electro-rock that had already ripped most of it off anyway; it sounds like you’re hearing two of it at the same time, like eating a Big Mac. — T.W.

Source: Spin, 7Dreamers

mods, idk how to post this but i hope this works.
They are the only kpop group in the list so...yey! Dreamcatcher World Domination 2020!
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