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Produce 101 Update: 2 PDs will be jailed & CJ ENM talks compensation with contestant agencies

On May 29, the Seoul Central District Court announced the sentences for eight people including Ahn Joon Young and Kim Yong Bum for the “Produce 101” series manipulation case. Previously, PD (producing director) Ahn Joon Young and CP (chief producer) Kim Yong Bum were suspected of manipulating viewers’ votes for “Produce 101.” Ahn Joon Young was also under suspicion of receiving money from entertainment agency representatives at an adult entertainment bar.

Previously during the final hearing for the case on May 12, the prosecutors demanded three years in prison for Ahn Joon Young and Kim Yong Bum. In addition, the prosecutors demanded two years in prison for assistant PD Lee Mi Kyung and one year in prison for five agency employees and representatives.

For the sentence hearing on May 29, all eight members were present. The judge announced, “We acknowledge them to be guilty of all charges.” Kim Yong Bum received a sentence of one year and eight months, and Ahn Joon Young received a sentence of two years. PD Lee Mi Kyung received a fine of 10 million won (approximately $8,081), two entertainment agency representatives “Kim” and “Kim” received fines of 5 million won (approximately $4,041), and three entertainment agency representatives “Lee,” “Kim,” and “Ryu” received fines of 7 million won (approximately $5,657). Ahn Joon Young additionally received a fine of 36 million won (approximately $29,093).

On the assessment of CP Kim Yong Bum and PD Ahn Joon Young’s case, the judge stated, “Kim Yong Bum should have led the directing to match the aims of the nation’s producers, and his responsibility is great for not having done so. As the main producer, Ahn Joon Young’s accountability is not light, and the public’s mistrust is great due to his improper solicitation.”

CJ ENM Shares Update On Compensation Discussions With Agencies Of X1 And Other Affected “Produce X 101” Trainees

With sentences being given to eight individuals involved in the “Produce 101” series manipulation case, CJ ENM has released a statement regarding the case and shared an update on their negotiations with agencies involved in “Produce X 101.”

Regarding this, a source from CJ ENM stated, “We respect the decision of the courts. Regarding the production staff’s future, we will take action according to company policy, following internal discussions once the final verdict is made.”

They also spoke about their plans for compensation of damages that they had promised to carry out in their formal apology regarding the controversy in December 2019. CJ ENM gave an official statement and said, “We have had ample discussions with the agencies of the X1 debut group, and we have reached an amicable settlement. We have also begun discussions regarding compensation with other management companies whose trainees were affected [in ‘Produce X 101’].”

X1 was the project group created through Mnet’s “Produce X 101.” The group made their debut in August 2019 but went on hiatus after a controversy over voting manipulation arose surrounding the “Produce 101” series. In January, it was announced that an agreement had been made by the agencies of the members that the group would disband.

source: @soompi 1, soompi 1 2, naver 1 2
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